From Digital to Real – 10 GripMat Designs

From Digital to Real – 10 GripMat Designs

This is what i have been doing over the last month, weekends what are they – I am looking a bit like Robinson Crusoe on a bad day, but so worth it!
I cant wait to get a 4ft x4ft tabletop Gripmat of my own!

Now usually a 5000×5000 Mega Map takes me 3 weeks to do. This time these babies where 15000 x 15000 and at 300DPI for print and in the end I had 10 completely different designs to do and originally in just one month, that explains my cave man like appearance and sleep deprivational mumblings. that all said. It’s great to be working with Eric on the Gripmat Kickstarter

I am a gamer at heart and now I am helping to thematically bling other gamers favorite games in the Real world – its all good, – I can’t wait to see photos of these Gripmats on gamers tables 🙂

GripMat Kickstarter is fully funded and Project is Still Open (for another week or so only)

Message from Eric- @GripMats

If you are looking to purchase a GripMat you are welcome to email me at [email protected] I will add you to our list of backers to send you an invite to our Pledge Manager when it comes out. Right now that is expected to be by the second week of February. You will not receive mats until April/May at this point due to the popularity of the project – but you will be able to take advantage of all of the custom options, and pricing

What are Gripmats?

GripMats are a simple elegant solution to the persistent vexing issue of sliding tiles, miniatures, and terrain.

Made in the USA – GripMats are introducing a patented material that is ideal for use with board games and miniatures. In development for the last 2 years, this approximately 1/8″ thick mat has a specialized surface with more frictional or “grip force” than cloth, velvet, or any other material currently offered in the game accessory market. In addition to this, it can be printed in full color vivid images, and will survive common abuse that vinyl mats, and paper mats would not be able to withstand. We need you, our backer, to help spread the word that a solution exists to table bumps, spilled sodas, and clumsy meeples.

GripMats will hold tiles in place – like a champ! No more table bump blues!

more info at Gripmat Kickstarter |

Thanks again and all the best
saul_wynne_sm PIXEL_ART
Saul Wynne

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