Two New Battle Maps – Demon Summoners & Lava Cavern Part 1

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Ok I’ve been busy working on the website a lot recently, that and setting up the TMT Twitter and Facebook pages. I also managed to get 1 year older, something I’d happily avoid next year, but on the plus side I have squeezed in 2 new virtual tabletop battle maps since the last time I blogged.

1. Lava Cavern Battle Map

The first being, Lava Caverns part 1.  So now November’s * Map of the Month *  has an expanded area available. All the better to get your players lost in!  I got slightly side tracked time wise, when creating the transparent tokens for this battle map. But I think it was worth it and I will definitely be creating more Monster based Tokens once we have enough virtual tabletop battle maps sorted for you all. I hope you and get  some fun out of like the The Lava Boss Stationary and the  lava boss attacking. Both are Free as part of this battle map.

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TMT insider info: The final part of this battle Map set is going to be called the LAVA FORTRESS and is in-production, but this will take some time as all adventures deserve a good finale.

2. Demon Summoner Virtual Tabletop Battle Map

Thought I’d take a step away from lava and venture outside with this one. Everyone like a good old-fashioned bloody pentagram and sacrificial altar.. it worked for C.S lewis.

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I added a couple of blood splats transparent tokens, as this battle maps freebies. These tokens are good to use on paths, camp grounds, across rocks, as player hints or just for added RPG atmosphere.

For this virtual tabletop battle map, I took some extra time to create 2 New Tree types and some wooden fortifications not seen before. These will make very useful transparent tokens for DIY map making and I will add these and their variations to the production list for the future Outdoor Set 2.

Both are available on the Roll20 marketplace here

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