GripMat Single Piece 3ft x 3ft Mat now available

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originally a update for Gripmat kickstarter

I hope this message finds you all well!  We have been very busy the last couple weeks.

36″ x 36″ Single Piece Print Possible Now!

You read that right – we can now do single piece 36″ x 36″ printing. What does this mean? Just another option. Pricing is exactly the same as the 2 piece 18″ x 36″ option. If you backed at the $50 level, and want a single piece mat instead – you will be able to let us know on the Pledge Manager.

Saul Wynne’s GripMat link:  Gripmat store  | Gripmat Gallery

GripMat  Space Rift C - detail

GripMat Space Rift C – detail click to enlarge

One favor – if you have friends playing X-Wing, or Attack Wing – this is what they have been waiting for. Let them know this is an option now – and pass them on to [email protected] We will let them into the pledge manager beginning 3/22. They will just need to wait a bit longer for their mats than the backers. Especially let you friendly local game store that these exist. We have had several retailers contact us and will be working with them to provide an array of GripMats for them to sell, as well as use for demos and events.Well this turned into a big update.

The art is pretty well complete.  At this point we have over 130 choices for you to choose from. We started with only 6 when the project starter in late November, with plans for another 6. You helped create over 110 pieces of art! That is amazing. Our artists have continued producing designs and creating – even after the requested art was complete. It has been pretty cool to see all of it take shape.

Pledge Manager

The question everyone wants answered (including me) is: ‘when are we getting the Pledge Manager?’ Answer: 3/22. I realize we committed previously that we should be ready this week. Well, unfortunately we are not. We had more than expected in customization, and getting everything loaded and ready. Add to this that we just finished using the tool in a bit of a beta test this past week with our prior project Damage Report. Over 650 backers accessed the tool. Many bugs were found, and subsequently squashed. The tool is well tested now, and we are hoping ready for over 1800 backers that will be using it for this project. We feel pretty certain about the 3/22 date.  This gives us enough time to fully test the new content, and make sure that nothing was missed.

Keep in mind that the Pledge Manager is a Break From Reality Games created tool. We chose to go this route due to the amount of projects we have slated for 2014 / 2015, and the fact that we have in-house talent capable of creating and maintaining the tool. In addition, many of the features we need just do not exist with tools like Backerkit. Thus development of the Pledge Manager was necessary. Even though we are being diligent in testing and development of the tool, some of you may still experience a problem or two. We apologize in advance, and can only commit to addressing it and making it right. As with all things, we want to make sure you are pleased with the end result.


Several of you have contacted us recently asking about specific art pieces.  We know their were literally hundreds of requests during, and post campaign. We have done our best to get the vast majority of these requests addressed with art.

GripMat - Wings of Glory C detail

GripMat – Wings of Glory C detail click to enlarge

Saul Wynne made this amazing gallery for all the art that he created for us. Saul is a backer, turned major contributor. He come to us, and volunteered to make some backgrounds for us. Needless to say, we all have been enriched by his efforts. I for one can not wait to get several of his mats on the table. He also came up with some cool transition pieces for merging different terrain mats.

GripMat link:  Gripmat store


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