GripMat Kickstarter

These GripMats are great. GripMat Kickstarter


I had already backed for 2 GripMats, when I thought we could work well together so I contacted Eric and after checking out the TMT website and youtube videos, he agreed. So I am now very busy over the holidays.

Its all good, great to get something physical out of this computer  🙂 I have loads of games and a lot of the card /component heavy games, that just need more theme and need less wobble. GripMat Kickstarter  15 days to go- don’t miss out!


Finally, a simple artful solution to the age old problem of things moving when they should not! Grips on both sides of the mat.

GripMats are a simple elegant solution to the persistent vexing issue of sliding tiles, miniatures, and terrain.

Made in the USA – GripMats are introducing a patented material that is ideal for use with board games and miniatures. In development for the last 2 years, this approximately 1/8″ thick mat has a specialized surface with more frictional or “grip force” than cloth, velvet, or any other material currently offered in the game accessory market. In addition to this, it can be printed in full color vivid images, and will survive common abuse that vinyl mats, and paper mats would not be able to withstand.  We need you, our backer, to help spread the word that a solution exists to table bumps, spilled sodas, and clumsy meeples.

GripMats will hold tiles in place – like a champ!  No more table bump blues!

GripMat Kickstarter

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