Kingdom – Epic Angels fighting Fallen Angels

This game has amazing art from the box design through to cards and most importantly the gameplay. Simple to learn but difficult to master, so the game has a longevity – and what a theme. Thought I would share this with you as it still has 2 weeks to go and looks like a keeper. Video below.

Its a two player tactical boardgame featuring stunning artwork of Arch angels against fallen angels. check out the Artwork on the homepage of their kickstarter!

See it on kickstarter click here

Click any of the links below to see what the reviewers had to say about Kingdom!

Giant Fire Breathing Robot “While each individual part of the game is simple to understand, it comes together in an impressive gestalt that lends itself to clever play and interesting strategy” –GeekInsight

Board to Death TV  (coming soon)

Grey Elephant Gaming  “The combat system in this game is a bit ingenious and I really do enjoy it.” — Tim Norris

“What I like about this game is there is no dice to roll, with the combat system you can look and tell what is going to happen ahead of time” –Carmen

And my favorite quote from the review “I think you cheated” — Tim speaking to Carmen after getting defeated.

GMS Magazine  “I would DEFINITELY play this again” — Michael “I agree…two out of two gamers approve this game” — Max

Bower’s Game Corner     “The artwork on the cards is outstanding! All the angels are unique, they all look outstanding, fantastic! Beautiful artwork that will instantly turn your head and have people asking–What game is that?!?!” — Forrest Bower

Cardboard Jungle  “Kingdom is an interesting card game that requires strategic planning and thorough balancing of management with regard to a player’s turn.” — Matt Soares

Tabletop Gaming News  “Kingdom is very tactical. There’s a fine juggling act you must perform with the Angels you play..” — Jason Koepp

Initiative Tabletop “Managing all of these factors as well as your Power makes for a game that is not only challenging and strategic, but fun and very re-playable.” — Kae Hutchens

“I want to play more! Its a fun game, it plays quickly. Definitely worth the time invested in play time.The ability for “shenanigan-ry” is insanely fun, and there’s a nice element of strategy in it.” — Raine

Hegeekshegeek Kingdom is a hell of a good time and definitely a game HGSG will have on our shelf”

Thanks again and all the best
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Saul Wynne

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