Map of the Month Preview!

TMT Insider –  day 2

The first Virtual Tabletop Map of the Month

These virtual tabletop maps will always be a little special, either due to time spent, theme, or part of a module like series. They will have a few free tokens or tiles that make the map Interactive or a combination of the aforementioned features.

I decided on a lava cavern theme for this the map of the month.

I started up Genetica, a great texture making software and created some new lava themed textures. Which I then converted into new brush & pattern sets for Photoshop.

To begin with I used a cloud filter to create a random map. This creates random paths or dark areas, which I use as a kind of large-scale join the dots. Then I use the pattern brush to paint on the hardened lava to create my path areas.


red clouds made in photoshop

This is the fun and creative part, mistakes or in this case, random generates shapes often lead to inspiration. One bit looked to me, like a twisted  bridge – Ding! magic bridge token and puzzle idea came to mind, as did the path route to it.

Close up images of virtual tabletop map

Ok sorted out the path layer – A small section of the map area shown below.



then the lava layer.



then the tint and clouds.



Just took a look around.. think I vaguely remember my other half saying goodnight… the lights in the house are all out…

Time for some  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

End of Day 2

TMT Insider –  day 3

So the basic virtual tabletop map is now done, time for the extra’s that will make it special. Remember the Magic Bridge idea back in day 2,  I need to make that and the map Puzzle feature to turn the magic bridge on.  A mini quest in its own right .

no magic bridge

no magic bridge

So pulling in some textures, I had previously created for my magic tokens and mixing it up with some water based textures  – we have one magic bridge.  See below.

magic bridge on

The magic bridge will be a transparent token-which will come with the Map.

I also added a wooden bridge, what can I say not all cavern residents are particularly bright.



I hope this over the shoulder look, at what into what goes into making a virtual tabletop map was of some interest .

Please feel to send any feedback or suggestions to me via the contact us page

saul_wynne_sm PIXEL_ART all the best

Saul Wynne

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