Introducing MEGA MAPS

Introducing MEGA MAPS

Sorry for the huge gap between updates but I have been very busy both photographically and sourcing textures for these new range of virtual table top MEGA MAP packs!
and yes the first two are complete! – watch the video here.
(best watched in HD with sound)

available on the Roll20 Marketplace


and  MEGA MAP Lava pack


with 2 more on the way in production.  These Maps are huge 5600 x 5600 pixels and are made up four maps 2800 X 2800px –  available on the Roll20 Marketplace.
Please see the video below to learn more( best watched in HD with sound)

I am a very busy Saul ATM, which is good – but I must remember to have a break from work (holidays are always a good place to grab some interesting textures too, If my other half does not catch me working, that is!

MEGA MAPS are not the only project, I have been working on for Roll20, but that one a Secret shhh Think complete adventure experience 🙂 sometime in the new year!

OK better get back to work

All the Best

Saul Wynne

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