Official link to Roll20 website: Roll20

I’m a huge supporter of the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop website and application. The Roll20 team are a great bunch of guys and the Roll20 community is the best, Hence this page. Click on the play button on the Roll20 trailer below to see the Roll20 in action.


Not only is Roll20 FREE, but it has so many useful features, video chat, 3D Dice (newly added) to mention but a few. Hearing and seeing your friends reactions is priceless and adds so much to your shared adventures and this feature alone elevates it above so many of the VTs out there.

Official website: Roll20

Roll 20 YouTube Videos

Recently Roll20’s Kristen has created an official Help Video Tutorial on “Adding Images to the Roll20’s Tabletop”. Not only is this a really helpful tutorial but Kirsten has used My Sea, Boats and Tokens set in the video below , which allows you to see how the transparent tiles and tokens work in the set. Click the image below to start the video

Many thanks to Kristen from Roll20 for doing this video , I am sure many people will grateful for it.

Roll20 Player overview video


Roll20 GM overview video

You may have noticed that Riley from Roll20 even uses our 2 area map
from our Starter Map Set in both his overview videos

I hope you give Roll20 a go, If you do I’m sure you’ll love it. You can also find our tokens, maps and tiles sets in Roll20 Marketplace -Which saves you time as once they are purchased they are already uploaded into your library, again Roll20 makes your life as a GM easier, hope to see you in the Roll20 Community.

IMPORTANT : The best browser to use is Chrome, next is Firefox. Don’t bother with IE

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