A Sneak Peek at the Lava Fortress Map

TMT insider  Day 7 & 8

I have been real busy this week, basically I have finished the lava fortress battle map. WoOT! , but still working on last Boss – Two large transparent tokens and then some other tweaks on the other free tokens.

This is not the Boss – click image to enlarge


light the match and… – click image to enlarge


The texture’s were taken from photos, I had taken in Portugal, a light stone and dark stone paving, both have a natural strong reflective surfaces, which works well when splattered with blood /evil grin.

Story behind the map. well that’s up to the GM, but possible ancient Dwarven  outpost/ fortress taken over by ????  Who in more recent history, are themselves wiped out by the present Boss and its spawn …. Whatever your story or campaign , you’ll need a brave group of adventurers to venture on to the last battle map in the lava cavern series and fight the evil that now resides there.

Once the final Boss is finished and this will take sometime, as it is a detailed token and I am drawing this by hand, this virtual tabletop lava fortress map will be available to buy, first on its own (with its extra free tokens) and later as part of the full lava cavern 3 map set (with all added themed tokens) on the battlemap page.

The next map, I think, will be with snow.  If I can get it done in time that is …


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