The Complete Lava cavern Maps and Tokens set now Live!

TMT Insider Day 9 and then some….

Hi there and a quick thank you to all that have purchased your sets this month, I would love to hear of the adventures your RPG groups have had and any feedback or ideas of what you might want in the future.

So… after many long hours deep into the so called sleep time. The final boss token, the fire dragon was finished.

The making of the fire Dragon

So after creating the fire breath transparent tokens, the lava cavern maps and token set was completed. Click to see sample gallery page.

The Complete Lava Caverns Map and Token set

The Complete Lava Caverns Map and Token set

You can also view and buy on Roll20 Marketplace.

Buy the above set from Roll20 Marketplace

or read the readme of what is in the set below.

The Complete Lava Caverns Map and Token set

click here for the README image for this set

If you have time, please feel free to send your feedback or wish lists of sets to me via reply at the bottom of all pages or use the contact us page

saul_wynne_sm PIXEL_ART all the best

Saul Wynne

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