Well Tokens, Maps and Tiles is now LIVE!

Welcome to the TMT Insider –  day 1

Online RPG Virtual Tabletop Tokens, Maps and Tiles

It’s time for a drink or 3  I think and a Big  THANK YOU to Ed Phillips, for all the site testing and product downloading work, you have Ed to thank, that you actually get the correct set at the right price and that the text is in some form of readable English,  Yay ED!

TMT Insider info:  Being naturally creative is a gift and a passion and the fun part of my real life job,  Dyslexia is my nemesis. So be gentle.. but please let me know – and I’ll get it amended .

Ed , You have now got loads of tokens maps and tiles on your hard drive, when are you going to get a Roll20 Campaigns going ?  So I can play…. No excuse now!.

TMT Insider info:  Ed is one of my players in my Roll20 Demonfriend campaign, that I GM. It’s ever easy to turn them pesky players to dark side (GM-ing), but it’s always worth a try…

I will add to this TMT Insider Blog as we go along, letting you know what I’m working on or is in the production pipeline or discuss whatever feedback and suggestions I may have been given by our users.

Hope you find it useful.

Please feel to send any feedback or ideas to me via the contact us page

saul_wynne_sm PIXEL_ART all the best

Saul Wynne

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