Winter Snow Virtual Tabletop Map and Tile Set

Brand New Winter Snow MEGA MAP – 5600 x 5600 pixels, when all 4 maps are put together. all MEGA MAPS also come with DIY transparent tiles, this set has high quality snow covered trees, rocks, icy paths and more… Watch the YouTube Video to see what you get in the Winter Snow Mega Map -(Best viewed in HD with sound)

Winter Snow MEGA MAP
5600 x 5600 Pixels made from 4 x 4 Maps – Each 2800 x 2800 pixels. A huge area to help you quickly create your own Snow themed campaigns also included 4×4 Snow themed maps for instant play. Plus transparent tiles to create your own Adventures.

This pack has been over a year in the making, due to taking the photos need to get the realistic snow textures far too late last year and finding the time to do it properly,Snow is not easy to do, but finally it’s here. Snow filled adventures await you and your players and now you can create your own in no time at all or just use the winter snow themed maps, for those times when there is no set up time and jump straight in.

To get a better idea of what virtual tabletop map and tiles are in each Mega Map pack, Make sure to watch the MEGA MAP map launch video as it explains how they are put together in Roll20. Check out all my  sets on the Roll20 Marketplace

Thanks again and all the best
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Saul Wynne

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